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Nursing College of Porto (Porto/Portugal) - ESEP Merit Award

General information on this scholarship

Nursing College of Porto (Porto/Portugal)
ESEP Merit Award

General Description

The merit scholarship is a cash benefit, fixed amount equal to five times the minimum wage in force at the beginning of the academic year in which it is assigned. The ESEP shall make payment of the grant in one installment until the end of the month following the publication of the results.


Students will be judged on their participation in management bodies or their ESEP Students Association as well as the highest average of final grades to courses nursing course. In addition, students should have the highest average of final grades to courses Course. Realization of extracurricular work that has a direct relationship with the course, emphasizing its publication or dissemination, will also be taken into consideration.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.