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University of Porto (Porto/Portugal) - Erasmus Mundus - BABEL project

General information on this scholarship

University of Porto (Porto/Portugal)
Erasmus Mundus - BABEL project
Eligible countries: 
European Union

General Description

The BABEL Project reunites together 20 European HEIs and several other Higher Education Institutions from Latin American, along with 34 associate institutions. The project is a subsidiary of the Erasmus Mundus Programme. With the aid of these scholarships, a better understanding between Latin American and European cultures aims to be established, while students are encouraged to improve their perspective over future careers.

Around 150 mobility flows are expected to be part of the BABEL Project. Financial support is offered, being worth €1,000 per month for Undergraduates, €1,800 per month for Post-Doctorate researchers and €2,500 per month for staff members.


Individuals that apply for one of these mobility scholarships will have to undergo evaluation which takes into account different fields of interest, such as academic merit, motivation, language skills, previous experience (for Post-Doctorate researchers) and the teaching or working plan (for staff members). Each of these fields has a different weighting factor, which ranges from WF1 to WF3, the most important being the field of previous experience.

Moreover, students that apply from a Latin American HEI are only allowed to apply for a European Higher Education Institution in order to promote mobility and cultural exchange.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.