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Odemira Municipality - Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Odemira

General information on this scholarship

Odemira Municipality
Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Odemira
Other limitation: 
To live in Odemira.

General Description

The Municipality of Odemira is giving scholarships to students for higher education. The support is intended to assist in the continued education especially to students who lack economic conditions to do so. The value of the scholarship is 40% of the minimum wage.


The interested student should already have secured admission in an institution of higher education. The applicant must live in the municipality of Odemira. If the student wishes to submit the scholarship application by economic hardship, you must present a gross monthly income per capita equal to or less than € 300. If a student wishes to make application for scholarship for outstanding achievement must present a pass in all units curricula that integrate the curriculum of the previous academic year. The grade points average should be greater than or equal to 17 for the students who will attend the 1st year of higher education. After the first year the average should be not less than 15.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: