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Aljustrel Municipality - Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Aljustrel

General information on this scholarship

Aljustrel Municipality
Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Aljustrel
Other limitation: 
Candidates must have been permanent residents of the municipality of Aljustrel for one year at the time of application.

General Description

The Municipality of Aljustrel is offering scholarships to its low-income residents. These scholarships have in order to support further studies. The municipality wants to collaborate with the training of students living in the City of Aljustrel. These students at the end of the studies may contribute to a greater and more balanced social, economic and cultural development of the region. The scholarship will be annual. The duration is 10 months. The registration period is in October each year.


The student who wishes to enroll must have sufficient economic resources to start or further education. Frequent or want to enter higher education in the academic year in which the scholarship requests. School performance has had to in the preceding academic year. Be resident in the municipality of Aljustrel for over a year. Not already possess qualifications or equivalent course you wish to attend. Be a full time student, not perform remunerated profession. Does not have, by itself, or through the household in which it is incorporated, a monthly income per capita above the Social Support Index (IAS).

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.