Scholarship for studying abroad

Peter Faber-Rod - Doctor Johs. Brandt-Jørgensen's Family Scholarship Abroad

General information on this scholarship

Peter Faber-Rod
Doctor Johs. Brandt-Jørgensen's Family Scholarship Abroad
Eligible countries: 
All countries are eligible
Other limitation: 
Must be decendants of Johannes Jørgensens, Wilhelm August Jørgensen and wife Cathrine Elisabeth Jørgensen, born Brandts, sailor Mads Jensen Brandt and wife Anne Kirstine Brandt, born Huusfeldt

General Description

This family scholarship provides funds for worthy descendants of the founder's grandparents. This is the scholarship for study abroad.


Applicants must be descendents of the grandparents of Dr. Johs. Brandt-Jørgensen. Applicants must send copy of birth certificate and proof of relation.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: