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Mogens Heering - The Association Philadelphia

General information on this scholarship

Mogens Heering
The Association Philadelphia
Contact Person: 
Mogens Hee
Phone: 57

General Description

To assist and maintain worthy students in need at The University of Copenhagen. Students with 1 to 2 years remaining study are given preference. The scholarship is usually not given towards educational travels. Distribution of the grants happens on an annual basis. Deadlines and times of award are according to announcement in the University Paper. The Application forms relating to scholarships of The University of Copenhagen are used for this application. This can be requested from the Grant office, where the application furthermore needs to be sent.


Because funding is based on financial need, detailed information must be provided regarding the applicants economic conditions, such as debt, housing expenses or income of spouse or partner. Please do not contact the administrator directly.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: