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City of České Budějovice - City of České Budějovice Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

City of České Budějovice
City of České Budějovice Scholarship
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Place of main residence: České Budějovice

General Description

Extraordinary scholarship may be granted by the City of České Budějovice for the student of bachelor, master's or doctoral degree program of any university in Czech Republic. The scholarships are open to 27 students of high schools with permanent residence in the České Budějovice. These special scholarships are awarded on the basis of a justified request of the student. Total amount of scholarships is equal to 300,00 CZK. Decision of awarding the scholarship is taken by city council. The granting of scholarships is not a legal right.


The requirement to submit an application are as follows: being a student in middle or high school, originating from socially disadvantaged family or being an exceptionally talented student who demonstrate his or her achievements at the national or international level.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: