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VÚHŽ a.s. - Scholarship for students

General information on this scholarship

VÚHŽ a.s.
Scholarship for students

General Description

Special scholarship for the best students can be awarded by VÚHŽ a.s. to a students, who has achieved a high grade point average or an oustanding engineering, metallurgical, electrical, or general technical achievements or any high achievements in various engineering activities. In determining the average grade all the exams and scores achieved are taken into account. This scholarship can be received at the request of the student no earlier than after completing the first year two semesters of their educational course. The amount of the scholarship for the best students is determined by the VÚHŽ a.s. in consultation with the university's council.


An application for a scholarship for the best students based on the high grade point average shall be submitted to VÚHŽ a.s. before start of the fall semester. Every candidate for this scholarship is required to fill an application form and attach a confirmation of his or her achievements on required fields. The scholarship is awarded in a given academic year for a period of 9 months.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.