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Třinecké železárny - Company scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Třinecké železárny
Company scholarship

General Description

Cooperation between univerities of Czech Republic and Třinecké Zelezárny has a long tradition. It often begins in elementary school when deciding on the choice of profession. Our company maintains contacts with schools, acts on pupils, teachers and parents, presents its intention to maintain the steel industry as a recyclable material. For this purpose Třinecké Zelezárny created in 2002 a program of cooperation with schools of all levels. Individual activities are primarily focused on the motivation of students to study engineering.


The requirement to submit an application are as follows: Excellent studying performance (based on the ratings by faculty or department) and family and personal income in the last financial year. The applicant may not take part in other scholarship granted by another educational institution or funded by any public organisation. Final selection of applicants is done by the Třinecké Zelezárny on the recommendation of the competent authorities in the faculties and departments.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.