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Anna Pasek Foundation - Anna Pasek Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Anna Pasek Foundation
Anna Pasek Scholarship

General Description

The scholarship is awarded to Doctoral students at Polish scientific institutions who conduct research in any scientific discipline. The scholarship amounts to PLN 45.000 (subject to income tax as per the regulations). The amount is divided in two parts: a research grant to be used for a yearlong research project (PLN 20.000) and a personal stipend to be used at the discretion of the researcher (PLN 25.000). The research stipend must be accounted for while the personal stipend does not. Thanks to the support of ESRI Poland, the Polish distributor of ESRI Inc, the stipend recipient will receive a year licence for ArcGIS Desktop and well as technical support from ESRI Poland.


The recipients must use GIS and remote sensing instruments and techniques in their research. Their research should have a practical application. The research budget submitted should exclude the costs of the ArcGIS Desktop software if it were to be used in the research project.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: