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Śnieżka Foundation Your chance - Your Chance Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Śnieżka Foundation Your chance
Your Chance Scholarship

General Description

Sniezka Your Chance Foundation based in Brzeznica offers scholarships to pupils and daily students. Financial support is mainly designed for talented and ambitious young people, whose material conditions do not allows them for the right self development. The scholarship is earmarked for purposes related to education in a person.

There are granted two types of scholarships: social and socio-scientific. Is paid for a period of 10 months.


In order to receive the scholarship is a low level of income generated by a given family and very good grades. Students must obtain a grade point average of 4.75 and students 4.5. Pupils also must obtain the recommendation of the Board of Education.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.