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Ministry of Science and Higher Education - Diamond Grant

General information on this scholarship

Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Diamond Grant

General Description

The Diamond Grant is the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s way of financially aiding students in their pursuit of education. Up to a hundred of outstanding students receive up to 200 000 zł to fund their science projects, as well as monthly 2500zł grants.


The applicants should be doing a highly advanced research under supervision of a guardian or promoter, that could be quickened with proper funds. The students are required to be of scientific category of A+, A or B. The are also required to have their 3rd year of postgraduate studies completed or in case of uniform education, having completed the 4th year and continuing their education. The applicants should also have knowledge of a foreign language on level of B2 or higher.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: