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Center of Remembrance and Future - Scholarship for young scientist

General information on this scholarship

Center of Remembrance and Future
Scholarship for young scientist

General Description

The “The Memory and the Future” Center wants to help PhD students researching problems of territories incorporated into Poland after World War II. The scholarships are granted twice a year for the total of 4 800zł. While the money can be used in any way one sees fit, they are obliged to continue their scientific work and write at least one article connected to the problems studied by them, for the “The Memory and the Future” quarterly”, amongst other things.


The applicants must have their postgraduate studies finished, have Polish citizenship, be a doctorant of any Polish university or science institution and they are also required to be researching the issues of after-war history of Wrocław or Polish Western Territories.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: