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The University of Finance and Management in Białystok - Tadeusz Kasprzak Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

The University of Finance and Management in Białystok
Tadeusz Kasprzak Scholarship

General Description

Students and academic staff of the University of Finance and Management can receive the Tadeusz Kasprzak Scholarship granted for business informatics or knowledge management research or good studying results. The scholarship’s amount changes every year and is granted as a whole during the inauguration.


The applicant is required to be either a student or a member of the academic stuff of the University. The students are required to have the average grade of 4,5 or higher as well as additional achievements in fields of EI or KM. Participation in a scientific club is also necessary. The members of the academic staff need to appoint two other members to recommend them.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: