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Warsaw School of Economics - Rector's Scholarship for the best students

General information on this scholarship

Warsaw School of Economics
Rector's Scholarship for the best students

General Description

Warsaw School of Economics rewards up to 10% of its most talented and ambitious students with a Rector’s scholarship for the best students. A student has the right to apply for this scholarship after he has finished the first year of graduate studies. Students are given points for their scientific, artistic or sport achievements. Based on these points, ranking list of best students is created and students from its top are given a scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is each year different.


The application form for a scholarship for the best students can be submitted by a student who: 1. Passed all the examinations of the previous exam session, 2. His/her average mark in the previous academic year was not lower than 4.00. Apart from the application form, a student who has special achievements in science, art or sport on international or national level, submits relevant documentation confirming these achievements.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: