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Vistula University - Rector's Scholarship for the best students

General information on this scholarship

Vistula University
Rector's Scholarship for the best students

General Description

10% of the best students of Vistula University have a chance to be granted Rector’s scholarship for the best students. This scholarship is dependent on student’s academic performance in the previous academic year which is reflected by the high average mark they gained. Therefore, students may apply for this scholarship from the second year of studies. Also students who pride themselves on special achievements in science or art on national or international scale may be granted this allowance.


In order to be eligible for this scholarship an applicant should document his or her special achievements in science, art or sport and submit correctly filled application form. High average mark for the previous academic year is required. Only students who timely passed all the examination of the last exam session in accordance with their studies programme may apply.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: