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Warsaw School of Computer Science - Rector's Scholarship for the best students

General information on this scholarship

Warsaw School of Computer Science
Rector's Scholarship for the best students

General Description

All students of Warszawska Wyższej Szkole Informatyki are covered by a broad system of scholarships available. Its purpose is to equalize opportunities for students in a difficult financial situation and to reward those who are successful in science and sport. One of awards is Rector Scholarship, it is a reward for students who have obtained a high average achievement of scientific, artistic or sports scores in national or international competitions. The higher the achievement of the higher amount of the scholarship.


Rector Scholarship may be awarded to a student who has received in the previous year of education: high grade point average or high performance sport results on international or national competitions and has active sports club licence or has an outstanding scientific or artistic achievements. Students who apply for a Rector Scholarship and achieved high scores in sporting competitions or on educational field are required to provide documents to confirm these results.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: