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EMSP Consortium/Innolux Corp. - Innolux Excellence Grant

General information on this scholarship

EMSP Consortium/Innolux Corp.
Innolux Excellence Grant

General Description

Two Academic Excellence grants are awarded to the highest ranked students. One is awarded y the EMSP Consortium, the other by the Innolux Group. Both EU students and non-European students are ranked on the basis of academic excellence. The EMSP grant offers full tuition waivers as well as an annual award of 3,500 Euro per year for European students and 7,500 Euro per year for non-European students. The Innolux Excellence Grant is for 6,000 Euros per year.


There is no need to apply as both the EMSP grant and the Innolux grant are awarded automatically based on academic excellence. Beneficiaries of the Innolux grant will need to complete their Master’s thesis at NTU in Taiwan under the aegis of the Innolux Group.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.