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Government of Flanders (Belgium)-IWT - Doctoral (PhD) Grants for Strategic Basic Research

General information on this scholarship

Government of Flanders (Belgium)-IWT
Doctoral (PhD) Grants for Strategic Basic Research

General Description

The IWT awards a 4-year PhD doctoral grant to 200 PhD students annually. The grant is divided into 2 terms of two years. Beneficiaries receive a monthly stipend and the university receives a bench fee. Candidates who complete their PhD doctorate within six months of completing the second grant term will be eligible for an additional bonus


Candidates must have a 2nd cycle degree (Masters) at a Flemish university or an equivalent degree from the French speaking community in Belgium. Candidates must have a "Distinction" or Cum Laude grade or equivalent. Candidates should have obtained their 2nd degree in the 5 years prior. Candidates must be a national of an EU state (including Icelad, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland). Candidates should not have engaged in paid scientific research for more than 18 months previously. The subject of your thesis should be related to strategic basic research with an economic finality or be consistent with one of the six strategic clusters of the Flemish Council for Science and Innovation (VRWI).

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: