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Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) - WBI-World Excellence Fellowships

General information on this scholarship

Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI)
WBI-World Excellence Fellowships
Eligible countries: 
All countries are eligible

General Description

The Wallonia Brussels International (WBI) World Excellence Fellowships provides funding for doctoral and post-doctoral training abroad. The focus areas are: Transport and logistics; Mechanical Engineering; Life Sciences; Agro-industry; Aeronautics, Space and Environmental Technologies. Grants are for a minimum period of 1 year. Doctoral grants are renewable up to 3 times. Postdoctoral grants may be renewed only once.


A diploma of higher education in the Federation Wallonia-Brussels Masters level II or equivalent training and/or Doctorate issued by a higher education institution organized or sponsored by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: