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Sotirios Papazafiropoulos - Sotirios Papazafiropoulos Scholarships

General information on this scholarship

Sotirios Papazafiropoulos
Sotirios Papazafiropoulos Scholarships

General Description

The University of Athens endorses eight Scholarships that are granted thanks to the legacy of Papazafeiropoulos Sotiriou. The goal is to encourage students with financial difficulties. Each Scholarship grants the recipient € 300 a month. Benefits can be renewed every year if merit requirements are met.


Students in every Greek institute and department can apply. Candidates who are orphan of either parent will be applied special conditions. Applicants from Andritsainas, District of Olympia, or Prefecture of Ilia, will be preferred. Students are required financial documentation. In order to renew the Scholarship, students must earn the expected credits and marks as established in the announcement.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: