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Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association - SEEPE Scholarships

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Hellenic Petroleum Marketing Companies Association
SEEPE Scholarships

General Description

SEEPE Institute issues 2 Scholarships. The institute is endorsing Scholarships since 2002. The goal of the prize is to award graduands with theses related to fuel taxes and gas stations in Greece. Each recipient will receive € 5,000


Candidates must be enrolled in any Greek university. They must have a project approved by their university, related to the aforementioned subject. Candidates must supply adequate documentation proving the progression of their research. Students must earn the degree within legal terms. Only candidates with a mark higher than 7.50 will be considered. Students can't apply if they're older than 30 years. Also students can't apply if they're employed in an oil/gas company in Greece. This Scholarship can't be awarded to recipients of another Scholarship by all means.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: