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School Board of Kastoria - School Board of Kastoria Scholarships

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School Board of Kastoria
School Board of Kastoria Scholarships

General Description

The public entity "School Committee, the municipality of Kastoria" as Administrator Endowment Aspasia widow John Dimitsa will distribute the amount of EUR 10,000.00 from the proceeds of the property, gifted klirodotria Aspasia Dimitsa widow John, to the Municipal School musty ten (10) needy and deserving students and students with origin and place of residence Kleisoura Kastoria. It will also be beneficiaries and those who are students of the Primary School of spoils, which merged with the Municipal School Kleisouras basic condition and origin resident Kleisoura Kastoria.


Available to students of the elementary school Kleisouras graduated with distinction. Applications and required documents must be submitted to the Municipal Section Kleisouras within 20 days from the date of publication of the summary notice in two Athenian newspapers and two local newspapers of Kastoria.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: