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Mayor of Nikaia - Ioannis & Roxanne Papagiannopoulou

General information on this scholarship

Mayor of Nikaia
Ioannis & Roxanne Papagiannopoulou

General description

The Mayor of the Municipality invites interested Kileler granting 2 scholarships. It concerns the legacy John & Roxanne Papagiannopoulou, students, residents of the Municipal Community Nice Kileler the municipality of Medicine, School of Law and Philosophy at the Universities of Greece, with a rating of said academic year more than 7 average to make a request. The selection of candidates will be made following a decision of the Municipal Council.


Supporting the application the following documents must be included: 1. Copy of birth certificate. 2. Birth certificate of the Municipality of Nice showing that they are residents of MD Nice for over five years. 3. A certified copy of the tax return of the same or of their parents. 4. Certificate of school attendance with transcripts of the students of the academic year and above average performance and year of enrollment in school. 5. Copy Criminal Records latest version. 6. Affidavit of Law. 1599-1586 in stating that the candidate does not get a scholarship from another source. 6 scholarships will be given to Anakirychthentes certificate of school students only.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: