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Universität Erfurt - Initialisierungsstipendien für Doktoranden

General information on this scholarship

Universität Erfurt
Initialisierungsstipendien für Doktoranden
Contact Person: 
Frau Angelika Tetzel

General Description

In order to support young scientists, the University of Erfurt awards initialization scholarships. These scholarships are endowed with 850 Euros per month and can be received over a maximum period of six months. An extension of the scholarship is not possible.


This promotion is intended for doctoral students at the University of Erfurt, who are in the initial stages of their PhD project. for this scholarship must at the same time seek funding from external sources. Applicants should have achieved an above-average performance in the previous academic course. There are no further requirements.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.