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Auerbach Stiftung - Stipendien für soziale Praktika

General information on this scholarship

Auerbach Stiftung
Stipendien für soziale Praktika
Contact Person: 
Frau Miriam Maurer

General Description

This scholarship has been created by the Auerbach Foundation. The foundation fosters internships conducted for social organizations. Financial allowances for a full-time internship account for 600€ per month, regardless of the interns income. Additionally the scholar is supported through workshops and seminars, as well as a special graduation day at the end of the internship period. Interns are asked to write a detailed report about their work.


Motivated and high-performing students are supported if they desire to create a transfer of knowledge between their theoretical studies and practical experience. Applicants are asked to actively engage in this program and co-develop its particularities. Outstanding academic performance and above average social engagement are the main selection criteria for this scholarship.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: