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Lama und Li Gotami Govinda Stiftung - Stipendien für Studierende

General information on this scholarship

Lama und Li Gotami Govinda Stiftung
Stipendien für Studierende
Contact Person: 
Herr Karl Schmied

General Description

This scholarship is an initiative of the Lama and Li Gotami Foundation. It supports research and interpretation of the Buddhist doctrine in the sense of Anagarika Govinda. Therefore scholarships are awarded to financially indigent students. The exact amount and duration of support is to be announced.


The foundation addresses students of the Buddhist Doctrine. The application can be filed throughout all stages of studies. Applicants are expected to show extraordinary academic performance. There has to be a financial lack. Students applying for this program must be Buddhists.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.