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Karlsruher Kreis e.V. - Stipendien für Karlsruher Diplomanden

General information on this scholarship

Karlsruher Kreis e.V.
Stipendien für Karlsruher Diplomanden
Contact Person: 
Herr Dr. Claus Diem

General Description

This scholarship is a creation of the Karlsruher Kreis. It aims to support students from Karlsruhe, working on their final papers outside of Karlsruhe. Therefore the program covers all costs related to the creation of the final paper, up to a maximum amount of 1.500€. Especially interdisciplinary research in the areas of Politics and Society are supported.


The program addresses Diploma and Master students enrolled at a university in Karlsruhe. Application has to be filed before the creation ot the final paper. Students receiving other allowances from third parties will not be considered for this program.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: