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Institut für Journalistenausbildung - Passauer Stipendiaten-Modell

General information on this scholarship

Institut für Journalistenausbildung
Passauer Stipendiaten-Modell
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k. A.

General Description

The Institute for Journalistic Training offers a possibility for journalistic training to students of all fields of studies, along with their studies. Training program lasts for 18 months, and it is completed in multiple sections of editorial offices. Each student will receive a monthly support in heith of 350 Euros in duration of 3 years.


The competitions is open to students of all fields of studies. Since one part of educational training is completed in Passaue Neue Press, proximity to Passau is also offered. When applying, the quality of submitted journalistic wok samples is of gream importance.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: