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Dr. Elmar Schlögl-Stiftung - Dissertationen zum Schutz von Greifvögeln und Eulen

General information on this scholarship

Dr. Elmar Schlögl-Stiftung
Dissertationen zum Schutz von Greifvögeln und Eulen
Contact Person: 
Herr Prof. Dr. R. Korbel

General Description

The Dr Elmar Schlögl-Stiftung supports works on birds of prey and owls. To this end, a research prize of 500 Euros is given to scientific works on these themes. The prize is given every two years.


Eligible to apply are all PhD students writing a thesis on birds of prety and owls, in particular those studying bird life in Bavaria. An application may be submitted at any time during the student's programme.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: