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Herbert und Elsbeth Weichmann Stiftung - Förderung wissenschaftlicher Forschung

General information on this scholarship

Herbert und Elsbeth Weichmann Stiftung
Förderung wissenschaftlicher Forschung
Contact Person: 
Petra Althelmig

General Description

The Herbert and Elsbeth Weichmann Foundation promotes scientific research. The thematic focus is to help remember the acts of the democratic opposition in the exile against the totalitarian rule of Hitler and the consequences of this interaction for Germany after the war. Another goal is to preserve these memories for future generations. Therefore, grants for printing, archive travels and material expenses in connection with this scientific research will be awarded. We do not have any information regarding the amount of the funding.


This scholarship is open to PhD students of all disciplines whose dissertation topic falls within the above-mentioned thematic context. The (expected) scientific quality of the promotional work is a crucial criterion when applying for a promotion at the Herbert and Elsbeth Weichmann. There are no further requirements in this category.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: