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Fachhochschule Nordhausen - Familienstipendium für Studierende

General information on this scholarship

Fachhochschule Nordhausen
Familienstipendium für Studierende
Contact Person: 
Dr. Jutta Parnieske-Pasterkamp

General Description

The Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) began its family stipend programme to offer financial support to students with family commitments. The stipend is aimed at bridging the financial gap between the cost of eduction and the means already available to the applicant (their own and/or grants awarded by other support bodies). The stipend is worth 600 Euros per semester and is paid out for two to three semesters. At least three stipends are awarded in each batch.


The support is available to students in all disciplines at the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences. Applications can be submitted at any point during a student's course of study. Applicants should be able to demonstrate high performance in their respective subjects. Their commitment to social and community cause will also be taken into account. The support is exclusively available for students with long-term responsiblities (marriage and child raising).

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: