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Claus und Brigitte Meyer-Stiftung - Studienförderung

General information on this scholarship

Claus und Brigitte Meyer-Stiftung
Contact Person: 
Prof. Dr. Claus Meyer

General Description

The aim of the "Claus and Brigitte Meyer Foundation" is the promotion of distressed students and doctoral candidates, whose successful graduation is endangered by the lack of financial resources. For this purpose, grants and subsidies are awarded. The support level and duration will be determined individually from case to case.


Eligible applicants are students and doctoral candidates of all disciplines of the University of Pforzheim. The main awarding criterion is the financial distress of the applicant. Before applying for the "Claus and Brigitte Meyer Foundation", all other funding opportunities should be exhausted. Good examination resultls are not a “must”, but the possibility of a successful graduation should be given. In this category there are no further requirements.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.