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Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung - Ausländische Studienförderung

General information on this scholarship

Ausländische Studienförderung
Contact Person: 
Herr Mohammad Shahpari

General Description

The FDP-affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is one of the twelve nation-wide associations for academically outstanding students. The scholarships will be awarded to students at German universities. The amount of funding is a maximum of 585 Euros per month (calculated according BAföG). In addition, awardees receive 150 Euros of book money per month, regardless of their parental income. After a successfully completed sample year of funding, the scholarship can be maintained in order to reach the maximum funding term after BaföG.


Foreign students and educational residents of all disciplines can apply for this scholarship from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty. An application may be made at any time during the study course. Students can apply one semester prior to study commencement already. To obtain the scholarship, above average school and academic performance must be rendered. In addition, the candidate must have demonstrated social commitment. This can have been demonstrated at the university (e.g. Compartment shaft, university committees, political student organization), in a liberal party, in social institutions, associations or initiatives (eg. Culture, sport, social, municipal, human rights, international exchange, etc.). In addition, suitability of character should be given in terms of an understanding of liberal values.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: