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Adamas Stiftung Götz Hübner - Adamas Stipendium: Lebensunterhalt

General information on this scholarship

Adamas Stiftung Götz Hübner
Adamas Stipendium: Lebensunterhalt
Contact Person: 
Herr Prof. Dr. Karol Sauerland

General Description

The Adamas Foundation was founded in 1996 by Dr. Götz Eberhard Hübner. The stated goal of the Foundation is to promote Greek-German and Polish-German folk reconciliation. The living scholarship encourages researchers, who feel committed to this goal. Unfortunately, we have no information on the maximum amount of funding.


Promotions are given exclusively to topics about the German-Polish literature, German-Greek literature or cross-cultural studies. The range of the departments that are allowed for the application is not explicitly limited, but may be limited due to the themes default to the fields of librarianship, archive management, information technology and documentation system, journalism, literature, German philology, communication sciences and cultural studies.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: