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viamedica - Stiftung für eine gesunde Medizin - Franz-Daschner-Stipendium - für Dissertationen

General information on this scholarship

viamedica - Stiftung für eine gesunde Medizin
Franz-Daschner-Stipendium - für Dissertationen
Contact Person: 
Frau Andrea Droste

General Description

The viamedica Foundation supports scientific research in the interdisciplinary field of Environmental Medicine, Hospital Ecology, Hospital Hygiene and Naturopathy. In this framework, scholarships are awarded to doctorate students. The scholarships are 20,000 Euro per year and are awarded for a period of one year.


Doctorate students who want to write a dissertation on environmental medicine, hospital ecology, hospital hygiene and naturopathy may apply. The processing of the respective research topic must be done at the Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Hygiene, University of Freiburg. Candidates should be able to demonstrate their ability to work scientifically through appropriate coursework and examinations. Applicants must not have exceeded the age of 27.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: