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Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfonds - Studienstipendien

General information on this scholarship

Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfonds
Contact Person: 
Herr Andreas Buschmann

General Description

The Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfonds awards stipends to help students and doctoral students overcome difficult financial circumstances during their studies. The stipends, which are paid out on a monthly basis, vary in amount between 17 and 417 Euros per month depending on the recipient's financial and social situation. The support may be received at most for the duration of the standard timeframe of a given programme.


Students and doctoral students from all disciplines are eligible to apply. Applications may be submitted at any point within a student's course of study. Applicants' success will primarily be decided on the basis of academic record. Applicants must have achieved at least a 2.0 on their university entrance examination and at least a 2.5 on previous course examinations. Students must have not exceeded the standard timeframe for completing previous programmes of study, except in exceptional justified cases where students may have exceeded the timeframe by no more than 30%. Demonstration of commitment to social causes will be taken into consideration. Applicants must be able to demonstate financial need.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: