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General Description

The Ludwig Maximilians University in München manages various Foundations from which student financial assistance is allocated. Scholarships can be granted in the form of a one time lump sum payment for special need study-related costs or as periodic payments when (more) state support isn’t possible. With regards to the amount of the scholarship, no exact information is available. The Franz von Holtzendorff Foundation offers scholarships speficially to current students in the Law faculty.


The scholarship is aimed at current students enrolled in the Law Faculty of the Ludwig Maximilians University in München. Current students should have completed compulsory subjects in the area of International Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Proceduresal law or Prison Systems. Financial need is a basic requirement for receipt of the funding. This scholarship under the Ludwig Maximilians University is understood to comply with eligibility conditions as laid out in the BAföG (Federal Training Assistance Act). Additionally, good grades are expected of the applicant for a reasonable period of the duration of study. There are no further requirements for this funding.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.