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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie – Herz- und Kreislaufforschung e.V. - Otto-Hess-Promotionsstipendium

General information on this scholarship

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie – Herz- und Kreislaufforschung e.V.

General Description

The Otto-Hess scholarship of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie is directed at students who focus on human medicine and plan on doing an experimental and clinical promotion. The aim of the program is to inspire students for clinical research and basic research in medicine. For that purpose ten scholarships are award per year. Students get 500€ a month for a year and is an additional mean of financing that has nothing to do with Federal Law on Support in Education or similar aids. For the presentation of the findings the scholars can inquire about another 500€ of travel expenses. The application has to be filed together with the caretaker who has to be a member of the Gesellschaft für Kardiologie.


The scholarship is for doctoral candidates in the field of human medicine that plan on doing a experimental or clinical dissertation.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.