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Universität Paderborn - Sprachkurse am LSI

General information on this scholarship

Universität Paderborn
Sprachkurse am LSI
Contact Person: 
Bernd Gössling

General Description

German students of the University of Paderborn can get a scholarship from the “Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften am Landesspracheninstitut Bochum”. As part of the scholarship, the program participants take part in a three week intensive language course in the subjects of Japanese, Chinese or Korean. The course fees, the overnight stay and the corresponding course material will be assumed. One can take either basic- or advanced courses, the assessment can be made via a grading test with the LSI. The scholarship posts are structured as following: Chinese: full scholarship for students: 625 € travel expenses for students: 875 € / Japanese: full scholarship for students: 1050 € travel expenses for students: 1400 € / Korean: full scholarship for students 725 € travel expenses for students: 1200


The funding is given to students of the subjects Japanese, Korean or Chinese at the University of Paderborn in the first semester. Students can choose between a basic or an advanced course. The assessment depends on the preexisting language skills. The students can take part in an assessment test at the LSI for determining their language skills. The scholarship is aimed at German students of the University Paderborn.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: