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Hochschule Trier - Stipendium für Studienanfängerinnen im Fachbereich Informatik

General information on this scholarship

Hochschule Trier
Stipendium für Studienanfängerinnen im Fachbereich Informatik
Contact Person: 
Prof. Dr. Andreas Künkler

General Description

The University of Trier awards scholarships to several young women in the computer science department. First-year students who are enrolled in computer science at the Technical College in the first academic semester of the department may apply for this award. Three scholarships are awarded in the form of a tangible cost subsidy for 1 year. The amount of the grant is 100.00 Euro monthly.


students of the department of computer science at the University of Trier, who are enrolled in the first academic semester in an undergraduate degree program of the Department, may apply for the scholarship. The promotion begins with the admission to the course and will be paid for one year. The promotion is aimed at first-year students in the Department of computer science, who can demonstrate good academic performance. This must be confirmed by a report from a teacher. Furthermore, the extra-curricular involvement in a social field is desirable. The scholarship is aimed exclusively at women.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: