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Hochschule Trier - Landesstipendium RLP

General information on this scholarship

Hochschule Trier
Landesstipendium RLP
Contact Person: 
Prof. Dr. Walter Jakoby

General Description

Students of the University of Trier can apply for the state grant RLP. This funds gifted students who are enrolled at the FH Trier with the study goal of bachelor, master, diploma or statements and are academically and personally outstanding. The promotion will be awarded for one year and a maximum of 1,250.00 EUR in total, taking into account other grants and funding opportunities.


The scholarship is aimed at students of the University of Trier, which are enrolled in a course leading to a bachelor, master or other diploma or. Among other qualifications, scientific-technical and artistic skills, seminar and thesis, examinations and coursework and academic and artistic experiences and awards are used for evaluation. In addition, the general personal suitability of candidates, for example, active interest outside of their subject areas, social and political commitment, age and length of study, or participation in student academic and self-government is evaluated. There are no other personal criteria.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: