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Hochschule Mannheim - Mannheimer Modell Mittelstandsstipendien: Bachelorstudenten

General information on this scholarship

Hochschule Mannheim
Mannheimer Modell Mittelstandsstipendien: Bachelorstudenten
Contact Person: 
Frau Vierling

General Description

As part of an initiative of medium-sized businesses in cooperation with the University of Mannheim, scholarships are being awarded to students of the University of Mannheim via the Model Program For Medium-Sized Businesses. The amount of funding is 500 Euros per semester. For undergraduate students, the maximum funding period is four semesters.


This scholarship is aimed at undergraduate students of the University of Mannheim. Applications may be made after the completion of the first semester up to the fifth semester. Application requirements are good academic performance (grade point average to 2.5).

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: