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Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V. Villigst
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General Description

The Protestant Academic Foundation is a scholarship system of the Protestant Church and one of the twelve nation-wide scholarship system catering for academically gifted students. With the scholarship, Protestant German students and aliens with the same educational background (accodsing to §8 BaföG) are being sponsored at German universities. The amount of funding is a maximum of 597 Euros per month (calculated according BaföG). In addition, the chosen candidates can receive 300 Euros of book money per month regardless of parental income. The scholarship can be obtained until reaching the maximum funding term in compliance with BaföG.


German students and educational residents of all fields may apply for this scholarship.For the basic requirement of the Protestant work study, German students and educational residents of all disciplines can apply. The Protestant Academic Foundation accepts applications up to 5th semester (Universities of Applies Sciences: up to 4th semester). An application for the Master's degree is not possible. Excellent school - and university performance is required. In addition, demonstrable commitment to society (eg, church, politics, social, environmental) is needed. Also, the candidate must be a member of the Protestant Church. Exceptions of this prerequisite must be justified in an informal special request.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: