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The 4 Most Common Ways to Lose a Scholarship

Scholarships are a privilege that come with responsibilities. Not living up to those responsibilities can result in you losing the scholarship before the end of the funding period. To help you avoid this, here are the main reasons why people lose their scholarship funding.
Don't lose your scholarship
Don't lose your scholarship

1. Lies in your resume

Many organisations have a notice on their application forms saying that false information will lead to an immediate loss of funding. In some cases the organisation will try to recover money that has already been paid.

2. Renewable scholarships: Missed deadlines

Many organistions will give their funding initially for one year. Recipients have to re-apply each year to renew the scholarship. These application dates are advertised so if you miss the deadline, you will probably lose the scholarship.

3. Scholarship requirements

Many scholarships require students to achieve a minimum grade average, or get a certain amount of credits within a time period. If you don’t know what the academic expectations are, or if you fail to achieve them, you risk losing your funding.

4. Renewable scholarships: Bad application

Some students think that, just because their scholarship was approved for a year, they don’t have to make any effort for the renewal application. This sort of sloppiness can end in a lost scholarship.