Grants and Loans

Grants and Loans in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a 600 year history of providing higher education and therefore is a good location to choose when selecting a degree, masters or PhD programme of study. Perhaps the thing that puts most people off studying in the Czech Republic is that the vast majority of courses there are taught in Czech. However, it should be noted that all courses taught in Czech do not have any tuition fees associated with them, unlike courses taught in English, which have various levels of fees associated with them. In recognition of the language requirements to study effectively in the Czech Republic, many courses offer Czech language training as part of a degree course in order to attract more international students.
Look out for financial help in the Czech Republic
Look out for financial help in the Czech Republic

Grants and Loans

General situation in terms of grants and loans

There are no student grants available for any students studying within the Czech Republic except for very low level funding of some travel expenses. This is due to the very widespread availability of scholarships for studying within the Czech Republic. Loans are available through a number of major banks in the Czech Republic through a number of mechanisms depending upon the loan requirements. This can range from the provision of credit cards and authorised overdrafts for longer term loans that provide money during the study term and that are then repaid after the course has been completed.

Type of grants and loans and providing institutions

There are no grants of the type that may be seen in other countries to support those on low incomes or who are coming from poor backgrounds. Instead there is a much wider range of scholarships to cover many of the areas that grants usually provide funding to. Most student loans are provided through one of the three major banks of the Czech Republic. Each of these offer a range of products so it is worth checking out the exact details of each in order to get the best deal.

Availability and conditions for getting a grant or a loan

Grants are not available in the Czech Republic and so there is no availability or condition information. In terms of getting a loan, the requirements are that a place must have been secured at a university within the Czech Republic and evidence of this must be presented as part of the application. Generally, a bank account with the loaning bank is also part of the requirement for the loan. There may also be loan options through international funding routes depending upon nationality and chosen course.

Local grants and loans for foreign students

Loans are available for foreign students in the same way that they are available for home students. In either case, evidence of a place of study is required along with the duration of the course. The most popular loans are those that allow a student to borrow the loan with the option to defer starting to make payments on the loan up to ten years after the loan is taken out.

Typical grants and loans in the Czech Republic

The most typical types of loans in the Czech Republic are those covering full course costs, and also smaller loans that can be taken out to cover the cost of buying books and equipment, such as laptops. The specific amount will depend on the length of the course and the level of living costs incurred. Specific information on interest rates and repayment terms can be found on several websites where repayment terms and indicative interest rates can be found.