Grants and Loans

Grants and Loans in Denmark

In Belgium, grants and loans are readily available for students for both Belgian nationals and international students but they usually attach certain conditions. For students of Belgium origin and nationals of other EU countries, grants are the main form of financial support which comes directly from the Federal government. For international students, their main financial support is derived from international scholarships. Local and foreign students can avail themselves to loans.
Look out for a grant in Belgium
Look out for a grant in Belgium

Grants and Loans

General situation in terms of grants and loans

In Belgium, it is normally easy for students undertaking academic studies to gain access to grants and loans. The grants mainly cover costs involved in the study of specific study or research programs that students wish to pursue at all levels. Students can also have easy access to loans from loan companies .

Type of grants and loans and providing institutions

In general, the awarding of grants are made to scholars of proven and outstanding accomplishment in the academic field of studies they have chosen to follow in post graduate fields. Some of the most prestigious grants are enumerated below.

  • Grants awarded by the Scientific Research Fund: These Doctorate grants are for 2 years renewable only once with a maximum duration of 48 months, They are funded by the Scientific Research Fund.
  • Wallonia-Brussels International: These grants are offered to students with exceptional talents for a 1-year Doctorate and Post-doctorate levels of study. The grants are managed by the WBI.
  • AUF grants: These grants are funded by the AUF or the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.
  • Belgian Development Agency: The grants awarded by the Belgian Development Agencies for financing Master’s courses of 1 or 2 academic years. Awards for Doctoral grants are made to students preparing for a doctorate degree and cover 16 months of research work undertaken in Belgium.

Availability and conditions for getting a grant or a loan

Grants: International students are permitted to obtain study finance or a grant from the Flemish authorities. However, before qualifying for a grant an applicant must satisfy any one of the following conditions. Students who apply must be residing in Belgium and whose parents are EU-nationals who are or have been employed in Belgium as employees; they must have been granted a permanent residence permit for Belgium; they must be a child of a candidate-refugee whose request for asylum has been approved.

In Belgium grants are given to candidates who are between 17 and 35 years of age at the time of the grant, but are not eligible if they fail their first attempt. However, if a student is successful after the first failure, the right to the original grant is regained. If the student fails twice, he must successfully pass 2 consecutive years in the same subjects to regain the right to a grant. Three failures automatically disqualifies the student from any entitlements to a grant.

Loans: Most loans that are taken out by students pursuing academic studies in Belgium are guaranteed by government. For students to be eligible they must of course be accepted for admission into an institution of higher learning in Belgium. They must accept the subsidized 2% interest on the loan and repay the loan according to the stipulated conditions.

Local grants and loans for foreign students

International students can also avail themselves to an international student loan when they decide to embark on an academic course of study in any of the institutions of higher education in Belgium. The attended university must be listed as being qualified for receiving international student loan.

Typical grants and loans in Belgium

The bulk of grants that are offered to aspiring students are essentially made by authorities, universities, foundations and funds in both Belgium as well institutions in countries from all over Europe.