Top 5 unusual scholarships in Ireland

A lot of students never apply for a scholarship because they are convinced that scholarships are just for students with above-average performances. We present you 5 unusual and funny scholarships in Ireland that show you that there exist scholarships for everybody:
Unusual scholarships in Ireland
Unusual scholarships in Ireland

1. National University of Ireland - The Michael Osborne Equine Business Scholarship

The Michael Osborne Equine Business Scholarships offers financial support for three years for students that are taking the Equine Business degree programme MH405 at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. The aim is to promote the interest of Irish and international horse-racing.

2. University of Limerick - Paddy Dooley Rowing Scholarship

The Paddy Dooley Rowing Scholarship will be awarded based on rowing potential and it is worth €2,500. The scholarship is awarded annually to Irish citizens or to permanent residents in Ireland that are students at the University of Limerick.

3. University College Cork - Irish traditional Musician Scholarship

Two Irish Traditional Musician Scholarships are available every year for future music students. The candidates have to perform very good in traditional music on one or more instruments to be recommended for the award by the Academic Board.

4. National University of Ireland - Paddy Harrington Golf Scholarship

The Paddy Harrington golf scholarship programme is offered to amateur golfers of the NUI Maynooth and includes 10 hours of training per week and 12 hours of coaching per month. Additionally, the amount of €1,000 is offered.

5. University of Cork - Dermot Keogh Prize

The Dermot Keogh Prize is offered to students of the School of History UCC that write the best undergraduate dissertation or long essay on either Irish diplomatic history or the history of Church-State relations in Ireland.

In addition to these unusual scholarships there are some scholarships that are not awarded on the basis of merit or need.