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Municipality of Ciudad Rodrigo - Don Julián Sánchez "El Charro" Research Award

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Municipality of Ciudad Rodrigo
Don Julián Sánchez "El Charro" Research Award

General Description

The city of Ciudad Rodrigo grants the Research Award Julian Sanchez "El Charro" to people whose research projects contribute to increase and disseminate the existing knowledge regarding Ciudad Rodrigo. The prize will be awarded to the best research paper on relevant and unique aspects of the region and city of Ciudad Rodrigo. The prize awarded to the winner will amount to €1,000. Additionally, the winner will receive a diploma of achievement acknowledging her/his contribution.


Any Spanish or foreign researcher will be eligible to submit her/his project and findings. The paper and any other materials submitted with the project must be either written in Spanish or translated to it.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: