European Funding Guide for Universities and Schools

European Funding Guide for Universities and Schools

European Funding Guide helps students find money for their higher education. The site covers over 12,320 scholarships, grants, prizes, awards and other types of financial assistance. Using the site is completely free of charge. This service aims to help pupils, students (undergrad and postgrad) and PhD students in the EU finding a way to support their studies at their home university or abroad.

European Funding Guide is a service provided by the ItS Initiative for transparency in student finance, an NGO based in Germany, and is co-funded by the European Commission.

What's the difference between European Funding Guide and scholarship databases?

We use 28 criteria to match user profiles with suitable funding options from a database with more than 12,230 scholarships and other funding opportunities worth 27 billions Euros. Filter criteria used are for example the degree program, the profession of the parents or the place of birth. With just a few clicks every prospective student and every current student (undergrad and postgrad) can find out, which scholarships an other funding opportunities match his or her individual profile.

Our service differs from other scholarship portals in 3 different dimensions:

  • Amount of scholarships: With more than 12,320 funding opportunities, we have the most extensive database in Europe.
  • Amount of filter criteria: We provide our results on the basis of 28 filter (application) criteria.
  • Accuracy: Since we work with a great amount of criteria, we only display those scholarships and other funding opportunities that really match the individual (prospective) student's profile.

(Prospective) students no longer have to go through long lists of funding opportunities that mostly do not match their profile. We match users instantly to our database of more than 12,320 scholarships and other funding opportunities worth 27 billions Euros in total.

Why you should recommend European Funding Guide

In order to bring more transparency to the wide field of higher education funding in Europe, we need your help. Only by collaborating with universities and schools, it's possible that (prospective) students get to know our service and profit from it.

In order to make sure that in the EU pupils with a desire to go to university no longer give up this dream because of a lack of funds as well as students with financial problems no longer have to give up their studies, we need the support of schools and universities.

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If you like to expand the knowledge of your students about scholarships and other funding opportunities (e. g. loans, governmental support etc.), you can use the following information and material. By using a link to, your students will be able to easily find funding opportunities for their personal situation on your website.

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3. Inform us about this link by sending a mail to support ( AT )

To make it easier for you, please use the following version:

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Materials for dissemination

Would you like to inform your students about the possibilities of financing their studies?
The Initiative for transparency in student finance, which is the organisation behind European Funding Guide, aims for providing funding opportunities to a wider range of students. If you want to support us, feel free to use the following materials:

1. PPT slide

2. Email templates to send to pupils and students

3. Scholarship guideline

Please note that those materials are country-specific and available in local language. You can use those materials during a class, you can send them to pupils and students by email or you can use them in a counseling session.

If you like to order these electronic materials, please write us to support ( AT )

Register new programs and updating programs

You work at a funding institution or a foundation and want your scholarships to appear in our database? Or have you found a scholarship in our database that is no longer up to date?

Register a new funding opportunity:

If you want to register a new scholarship, please write an e-mail to funding-providers ( AT ) You can find further information on how to register a new program here.

Updates to scholarships in our database:

If you would like to make changes to a program already registered, please use the "send us feedback on this entry" button at the end of each description or send an email to feedback ( AT ) specifying exactly which scholarship or funding opportunity you are referring to by including the direct link to to this specific program on our homepage. Please describe as precisely as possible what exactly should be changed. In addition, please indicate which information or which criteria is no longer up to date. The more detailed your description is, the faster we can work on this update.